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Form #                                            Form (Title)


N/A                                                  Pre-Foreclosure

N/A                                                  Real Estate Owned (REO)

N/A                                                  Required Repair

N/A                                                  Square Foot Appraisal

N/A                                                  Condo Project Budget Analysis

N/A                                                  Cost Approach

N/A                                                  Residential Environmental Assessment

N/A                                                  Construction Progress Inspection

N/A                                                  Construction Draw Inspection

N/A                                                  Catastrophic Disaster Area Property Inspection

N/A                                                  Disaster Area Inspection With Pictures

N/A                                                  Subject Property History



FNMA (Fannie Mae)                     Form (Title):


1003 (FM 65)                                   Uniform Residential Loan Application

1003A (FM)                                     Statement of Assets & Liabilities

EC2                                                  Environmental Compliance Record – SFR

1050                                                 Residential Income Property

1013 (FM)                                        1-4 Unit Property Inspection



HUD (Housing Urban Development)

                                                        Form (Title):


92541                                               Warranty of Completion of Construction / Builders Cert

92274                                               Operating Expense Analysis Worksheet

92564                                               Protection: Get a Home Inspection (Cautionary Notice)


FHA (Federal Housing Association)

                                                        Form (Title):


N/A                                                  Gross Rent Multiplier Analysis


USDA (United States Dept of Agriculture)

                                                        Form (Title):

RD 1940-20                                     Request for Environmental Information

EC2                                                  Environmental Compliance Record – SFR