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We Emphasize That The Quality of Our Work Consistently Reflects

                       A HIGH PERFORMANCE STANDARD!


"FHA Approved" Appraisal Products and Services;

    Including Primary & Secondary Mortgage Services

Pre-Sale & Listing Determinations and Valuations

Appraisal Reviews

Estate Planning & Settlement

Divorce Settlement

Foreclosure Transactions

    Including Short Sales / Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure / "Cash For Keys" Programs

REO Held Property Valuations

    Including Liquidations / Appraisal Reviews / Auctions

Tax Assessment Appeal Services

Eminent Domain & Condemnation

Date of Death Valuations


                                     Worth Appraising Makes YOUR Job Easier

                By Providing the Technology AND Flexibility that Matches YOUR Needs!


Computerized "Cost Estimators" by Marshall & Swift® Providing Accurate Assessment Costs

Frequent updates by zip code regarding local LABOR & MATERIALS




We provide "Cost To Cure" (Defect & Repair) Estimates, "SUBJECT TO" Repairs.


Replacement Cost "NEW" Estimates (Residential & Commercial Reports)

Specializing in Reports For INSURANCE Industry Purposes

Including: "LOSS SETTLEMENT BASIS" Policy Evaluations

ATTENTION: The Value of the Land is not considered under this valuation method

Extensive Knowledge & Experience in Insurance based Measurement

Including: Homeowner Associations / Condo Associations / Personal Residences

Our computerized detailed floor-plan sketches with digital photo's showcase or verify determination & policy needs

We provide timely and accurate measuring services that determine GLA / GFA and additional areas of the building improvement

Public Records are often WRONG! Independent VERIFICATION is often needed!

    PERIMETER SKETCHING (Basic Floor Plan): This is normally seen in a residential appraisal as a site sketch. The exterior walls of a property are measured and accurate "up to date" square footage is calculated. Interior walls are not included, but internal rooms are labeled in their approximate positions within the sketch. A computerized sketch of the perimeter with GLA / GFA dimensionalization is provided.

    FLOOR PLAN: Similar to the Perimeter Sketch, however also includes the measuring and drawing of interior walls, placement of appliances and notation of additional features and amenities.

    AS-BUILT FLOOR PLAN: A detailed Floor Plan that includes wall thickness and the accurate placement of windows, doors, and other similar improvements.

Cost Segregation Analysis

Loss Mitigation Valuations

Construction Loan and Draw Monitoring

Mapping & Aerial View Pictures in digital format

"Accredited Claims Adjusters" on staff to help evaluate your estimation and measurement needs.